Global Procurement Solutions

As your procurement consulting partner, we provide a reliable pathway to help enterprise buyers secure verifiable sources of protective equipment for trade patients, employees, and citizens everywhere.

Strategic advisors and consultants. Hedge price-risks, and develop We source, negotiate, advocate and help bridge supply-chain gaps in medical, precious metals, and agricultural commodities.

Procurement Consultants

As your advocate, we understand and align your business and product requirements to secure the product you need within your tolerance for risk. Right product. Right timing. Right transactional requirements.

Trusted Suppliers

We have developed a trusted and reliable network of titleholders, allocation holders, and suppliers who are capable of meeting your precise requirements. This Global ecosystem drives PPE supply at every level.

Sales Enablement

For sellers of PPE, we build reliable pipelines of qualified buyers who are ready to transact. We review, approve, and advise buyers how to successfully and securely engage sellers for mutual verification