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Our procurement consulting solutions are process-driven to maximize the successful acquisition of medical products. We help enterprise-level healthcare organizations and government institutions with the procurement and distribution of of medical products and personal protective equipment.

Through alliances with international manufacturing, logistics, and financial partners, we help our clients and partners overcome supply-chain obstacles that have emerged in a post COVID-19 world. 

Our goal is to help our customers secure the products they need so that they can focus on safely serving their patients and empowering their employees.

Peter Wyro

Co-Founder, Director of Procurement

Peter has more than 20 years of experience in management and marketing consulting, developing corporate strategies for product development and sales growth in complex B2B markets. BA University of Texas and MBA University of Dallas. Proud Texan and Dad.

Derek Parent

Partner, Procurement Consultant

Derek has 20 years of management experience, across a range of business to business and consumer industries He has been part of the expansion of international brands, as well as aided in the growth of several start-ups, ranging from restaurants to virtual reality studios.

Patrick Farley

Procurement Navigator

Patrick has 10 years experience consulting; specializing in operational systems and growth acceleration. He has also spent the last 15 years in the music industry, working in musical artist/label management and as a songwriter.

Grace Wallace

Mothership Crew

Grace supports our procurement and due-diligence teams to coordinate and ensure successful engagements. Grace heralds from a corporate accounting and her own accounting practice.

Eric Graziano

Procurement Navigator

Eric joined our consulting team as a procurement navigator. His responsibilities are assessing and compiling transactional requirements to review with our consulting team, and to initiate the engagement process.

Adam Xander

Mothership Crew

Adam (X) leads our UK support team to help drive the coordination of logistics engagements. Professionally, his career has consisted of IT project management leadership, but his real passion is Rugby.

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Charlie 1M to 500M

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PPE Database

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Mothership Global is a professional services company. Our unique value is the development of consultative solutions to help manufacturers, distributors, and purchasers of medical products streamline and optimize their supply chain. Mothership Global is registered in the State of Oklahoma


Mothership Global is a professional services company. We do not inventory product, have warehouses or logistics infrastructure. Mothership helps provide procurement solutions and market information. The information we provide is for informational purposes only. This information represents an understanding of product availability, pricing, and procedures to the best of our knowledge. However, the Mothership does not warrant the content’s accuracy, guarantee that the information is free of errors, nor do we physically verify or confirm the product’s existence or availability. The marketplace for medical products is continuously evolving and volatile due to supply-chain obstacles and the global COVID-19 pandemic.