The Underlying Financial and Legal Framework for PPE Transactions

Consulting: A diagnostic, problem-solving process After managing hundreds of engagements, we’ve put together some guidelines that can help save time and provide for a more productive and successful process. All transactions require a qualified buyer that has a legal-basis to successfully transact.That means that the party submitting the ICPO, the Buyer-of-Record (the “Buyer” or “BOR” […]

Aboard Mothership Global

Dear valued, clients and partners. We are proud to announce that we are changing our brand name and corporate identity from Spartan Medical Solutions to Mothership Global. The name change is a result of a rebranding effort designed to mirror the growth and transformation of our company and our refined value-proposition. Though founded a mere […]

Procurement Automation Engine

We’re making the process of securing product easier and more reliable through a process of precise requirements matching, where we capture detailed parameters of purchasers and then match them up to the requirements of the sellers. By doing so, we can quickly find the magic intersection of of ready-sellers and ready-buyers who have comparable transaction […]