Mothership Tier-1

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Cranberry Production (CIF or FOB)Cranberry Evolve 300ct500K to 5M Per MonthProduction CIF2134-1865-CRAN
1 Million Boxes Cranberry Evolve OTG TexasCranberry Evolve 300ct5 Million BoxesOTG On-The-Ground2127-1850-CRAN
5 Million Boxes Cranberry EvolveCranberry Evolve 300ct5 Million BoxesOTG On-The-Ground2127-1850-CRAN
1 Million Boxes Cranberry EvolveCranberry Evolve 300ct1 Million BoxesOTG On-The-Ground2127-1849-CRAN
100M Cranberry Evolve (300ct) Southern CaliforniaCranberry Evolve 300ct100MOTG On-The-GroundTORO-2114-1812-CRAN
Cranberry Evolve 100M Inspect and PayCranberry Evolve 300ct100M-500MOTG On-The-GroundKRAKEN-2143-1625
iHealth Test Kits 2PKCardinal Flexal 200ct1MOTG On-The-Ground220201A
Charlie 1M to 500MCranberry Evolve 300ct1M to 500MOTG On-The-GroundCHARLIE-2147-1659-CRAN
PPE DatabaseCranberry Evolve 300ctVARIOUSOTG On-The-Ground
B-Lots from Tier-1 TitleholderCranberry Evolve 300ct1B, 2B, 10BOTG On-The-GroundLUKA-CRAN
Cranberry Evolve 100M-500M Inspect and Fund EscrowCranberry Evolve 300ct100M-500MOTG On-The-GroundKRAKEN-2143-1625
25M Cranberry EvolveCranberry Transcend 300ct25MOTG On-The-GroundBRAVO-2145-1648
Tabletop Engagement 1B-10B CranberryCranberry Evolve 300ct1B to 10BOTG On-The-GroundBRAVO-2146-1651
Cranberry Evolve for Government or Hospital BuyersCranberry Evolve 300ct50M, 100M, 500MOTG On-The-GroundTier-1BRAVO-2145-1650
1B Cranberry Review SGS in PersonCranberry Evolve 300ct1B21.50$0.50OTG On-The-GroundTier-1210820A
100M Cranberry Evolve, OTG LA with Simple Account StatementCranberry Evolve 300ct100M27$1.00OTG On-The-GroundTier-1MSG270718A
Cranberry Ready-Stock, OTG with FCOCranberry Evolve 300ct500M20.5444%OTG On-The-GroundTier-1Test-2020
500M Cardinal with 2% Performance Penalty
200M Cranberry with SGS after DD
1B Cranberry Evolve with LOA