Cranberry Evolve 100M Inspect and Pay

This engagement features the ability for the buyer to fully-inspect prior to funding escrow. Further, the buyer may transfer funds, seamlessly, ledger-to-ledger via JPMC. Other buyers will need to provide proof of funds via an alternative method. The product is 100% OTG in the United States.

PPE Database

As a product manager with more than 20 years of experience developing, targeting markets, branding, and optimizing profitable revenues across product lines, that reach pharma, architectural products, and radar – the ability to organize lines of product and capture the essential components and variables has been of high importance. Because of the supply-chain problems in […]

B-Lots from Tier-1 Titleholder

The seller can support leading U.S. or International banks and reliably supply 1B to very large lots of Cranberry Evolve Nitrile Gloves. This titleholder has the compliance relationships to work with either top U.S. Banks such as JP Morgan Chase, Wells Fargo, Bank of America OR with leading International Banks such as HSBC London, UBS […]

Tabletop Engagement 1B-10B Cranberry

tabletop engagement

Seller represents top U.S. titleholders offering an in-person, tabletop transactional engagement. The provision to engage face-to-face provides a level of transparency and security that allows buyer and seller to exchange confidential information via counsel, thus minimizing any risk that proprietary information is disseminated through any intermediating parties, and that the parties can negotiate and discuss […]

Cranberry Evolve for Government or Hospital Buyers

Major corporation is titleholder offering a new program exclusively for verifiable leading Hospital (top 100) or U.S. Government buyers. To qualify, you must demonstrate your authority to procure for one of the aforementioned entities in the form of an award letter or procurement authorization. These engagements are securely and carefully designed for buyers who require […]

100M Cranberry Evolve, OTG LA with Simple Account Statement

This lot includes 100M Cranberry Evolve, priced at $27.00, inclusive of a $1.00 commission. The lot is 100% OTG in the Los Angeles Area, and the prospective buyer can take over the warehouse lease upon successful completion of the transaction. Commissions There is no specific provision for a mandate share of the commissions. Of the […]

200M Cranberry with SGS after DD

Ex-Government Official whose organization purchases a large volume of production stock direct from Cranberry. They have an agreement in place with Cranberry whereby they take failed lots from official cranberry distributors where buyer couldn’t fund and sell on their behalf. Further, they have a letter of authority from Cranberry confirming right to sell.

1B Cranberry Evolve with LOA

Trusted source with a total of 80B OTG USA with SGS in-hand. Our liaison is direct to the title holder, who can provide an LOA upon request after DD is complete.