Small Lots of Cranberry Evolve Nitrile Gloves.

Small Lots of Cranberry Evolve, Nitrile Examination Gloves (300ct) are immediately available in Southern California. Lot sizes range from 1M to 500M.
Cranberry Evolve (300ct) Nitrile Examination Gloves

Titleholder with small lots of Cranberry Evolve (300ct) who is ready, willing, able, and highly motivated to engage and move products so that the supply gets into the hands of healthcare workers and first-responders. To expedite the process and accelerate the velocity of inventory turns, the seller has reduced prices and commissions accordingly.

The product(s) are 100% On-the-Ground in Southern California, USA in the Long Beach, Los Angeles area. The seller's counsel has SGS In-Hand.

Small lots, Cranberry Evolve (300ct)

This information is provided “as-is”, and is subject to change without notice. This information may represent an understanding of product availability, pricing, and procedures to the best of our knowledge. Mothership Global does not warrant or accept liability for the accuracy of this content, guarantee that the information is free of errors, nor do we physically verify or confirm the product’s existence or availability.

Product: Cranberry Evolve 300 (Non-Chemo), Nitrile, Patient-Examination Gloves, OTG. Seller(s). Both Transactional features and pricing may be flexible depending on the lift schedule and logistics for OTG. Seller can be flexible to accommodate a qualified buyer in terms of proof of funds methods and advance proof of product.

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