100M Cranberry, OTG Los Angeles, Proof-Up with Redacted Account Statement

This lot includes 100M Cranberry Evolve, priced at $27.00, inclusive of a $1.00 commission. The lot is 100% OTG in the Los Angeles Area, and the prospective buyer can take over the warehouse lease upon successful completion of the transaction.


There is no specific provision for a mandate share of the commissions. Of the $1.00 available, $0.50 is closed and reserved for the facilitating and marketing team. The remaining $0.50 should be allocated equitably among the remaining parties in either 1 (one) or 2 (two) shares. The remaining parties can determine the share if not 50/50.

Submitting An Offer

Please carefully review the following procedures for submitting an offer.

ICPO/LOA/Bank Statement
Current Screen Shot of Bank Account
Please note: The Account Numbers can be redacted, but it Must display, Name, Date, Amount


Seller to review and confirm acceptance of buyer
Seller to submit FCO to buyer
Buyer to Sign FCO, SPA, Escrow Agreement, IMFPA
Seller to Provide R-SGS and Product Verification
Buyer to Fund Escrow 100%
Sub Lease Agreement Signed and Pay

Note About Procurers and Proxy Buyers
Proxy Buyers must provide procurement authorization to Mothership Due-Diligence Team. All documents can be submitted securely via Mothership Global, military-grade encryption


This information is provided “as-is”, and is subject to change without notice. This information may represent an understanding of product availability, pricing, and procedures to the best of our knowledge. Mothership Global does not warrant or accept liability for the accuracy of this content, guarantee that the information is free of errors, nor do we physically verify or confirm the product’s existence or availability.

Product: Cranberry Evolve 300 (Non-Chemo), Nitrile, Patient-Examination Gloves, OTG. Seller(s). Both Transactional features and pricing may be flexible depending on the lift schedule and logistics for OTG. Seller can be flexible to accommodate a qualified buyer in terms of proof of funds methods and advance proof of product.

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