Tabletop Engagement for 1B to 10B Cranberry Evolve

Close with top U.S. Titleholders in an in-person engagement that features mutual exchange of Proof of Funds (POF) with Proof of Product (SGS).
tabletop engagement

Seller represents top U.S. titleholders offering an in-person, tabletop transactional engagement. The provision to engage face-to-face provides a level of transparency and security that allows buyer and seller to exchange confidential information via counsel, thus minimizing any risk that proprietary information is disseminated through any intermediating parties, and that the parties can negotiate and discuss nuanced features of the transaction including the logistics required to accept the physical possession of the Cranberry Evolve product.

The size of the lots range from 1 Billion boxes to 10 Billion Boxes, thus the requirements to navigate the various key decision points with regards to logistics, such as a replenishment schedule for any product that is not currently in a warehouse or warehouse lease takeovers or other related points, is imperative.

Multiple Titleholders

Because the seller represents multiple titleholders, product capacity is increased by the range of supply capacities and their ability to aggregate product when needed. The product is 100% OTG in the United States.

Tabletop Engagement

This information is provided “as-is”, and is subject to change without notice. This information may represent an understanding of product availability, pricing, and procedures to the best of our knowledge. Mothership Global does not warrant or accept liability for the accuracy of this content, guarantee that the information is free of errors, nor do we physically verify or confirm the product’s existence or availability.

Product: Cranberry Evolve 300 (Non-Chemo), Nitrile, Patient-Examination Gloves, OTG. Seller(s). Both Transactional features and pricing may be flexible depending on the lift schedule and logistics for OTG. Seller can be flexible to accommodate a qualified buyer in terms of proof of funds methods and advance proof of product.

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