Nitrile Glove Supply

Reliable Nitrile Glove Supply Solutions.

Cardinal Flexal OTG, Delivered

Cardinal Distributor offering Cardinal Flexal (200ct) OTG with Delivery. Simple purchase, Inspect and Pay.
Cranberry Evolve CIF

Cranberry Evolve Production with Bridge Financing

Contract is direct with Cranberry ML and the ability to bring a 3rd party financier to bridge finance the goods until they arrive int he U.S.

Direct to Cranberry FOB

Contract is direct with Cranberry ML, CIF & DDP Options as well.

Cranberry Distributor with Capacity to Supply

Sophisticated and procedural Cranberry distributor with capacity to deliver goods.

Cranberry Evolve: Distributor with Custom Structured, Flexible Engagement

Product: Cranberry Evolve 300 (Non-Chemo), Nitrile, Patient-Examination Gloves, OTG. Seller(s). Both Transactional features and pricing may be flexible depending on the lift schedule and logistics for OTG. Seller can be flexible to accommodate a qualified buyer in terms of proof of funds methods and advance proof of product.

Competitive priced small lots of Cranberry Evolve, Direct to Titleholder.

Direct to Titleholder. Supplier is receiving 5M per month with increasing capacity to accept longer-term contracts with R&E.


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